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Zone control

1.039- zonsko grijanje shema


Zone control system enables temperature control for each room. This way of heating management brings significant energy savings, because empty rooms are not heated or overheated in order to reach more comfortable temperature in the other rooms. Each user can define the temperature according to his needs.

The central control unit enables managing of all thermostats in the house from one central location. Furthermore, the user has the ability to memorize common situations and scenarios (eg leaving the house, night, waking up, a part of the family is the house..). Arriving at home, you do not have to walk through all the rooms in the house and set the temperature specially for each room. It is enough to press one button to call up the appropiate scenario and you have set the temperature in all rooms.

The zone control system also enables control over the phone. The user can from distance, via fixed telephone line or cell phone, access any room in the house (entering each room is followed by a voice message announcement: "CHILDREN’S ROOM", "BATHROOM", "KITCHEN", "LIVING ROOM" ...) After entering the room, the user can use all the features of an classical room thermostat, he can turn on and off the heating, or measure and adjust the preffered temperature. He can also choose a scenario, that will automatically adjust the temperature in all rooms to the previously memorized values.

The zone control system can be used independently or as a component of the "smart home" system.